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1. Introduction

Most importantly, developers or buyers may not be technically inclined.
They may just be looking for an item to drop into the editor and run it.
Which led us to provide this quick start guide.
Typical user may won’t really to know about all the details listed in the section (5), but you are encouraged to review this section (5) and take only the outline.

Easy game play and rules.


– APK 64 Bits
– Supports both APPLIANCES ANDROID ARM & x86.
– Admob Ads : Banner and Interstitials


2. Download Android Studio

PlatformAndroid Studio packageSize
Windows (64-bit) android-studio-ide-182.5264788-windows.exe

947 MB
Windows (32-bit)
No .exe installer

1007 MB
Mac android-studio-ide-182.5264788-mac.dmg

997 MB

1014 MB
Link to download the latest version

3. Import the game

Go to “open an existing Android studio project” and select your project (1) and (2),
wait for syncing and indexing the projet,.


1- Make sure that you select the project with the android icon

2- Wait the processing of build, this may take time if librairies does not exists. they will be updated automaticcaly and this will take more time.

3- Run the game and test it.


4. Graphics, Splashscreen, Sounds

All graphic to be changed are stored in the folder:

All sounds to be changed are stored in :

All splash screen and icons to be changed are stored in :


5. Change the package name

It’s very easy to change the package name :

no need to clean or invalidate the cache. only change on the properties.

File -> Project Strcture


6. Advanced Technical details

Go to the file strings.xml to make all changes :

Known Errors

Solution : on the documentation go to the section of “Firebase configration”, this will resolve your error.

Solution : on the right panel gradle, change to the online mode.

Question : How to change compact package name from one line to folders
Solution :

Error : After change the package name and run, error main activity package name :
Solution : go to File -> Invalidate Cache, then button invalidate and restart


7. How to create your own Policy Privacy


8. Test your game

To make tests you should activate the developer mode on your phone.
Testing on real devices is the best choice to test a game.


9. How to optimize your game


10. Firebase configuration

This option is not available on all projects.


11. Generate a signed APK

in the following video you’ll found all the technical details about :
– Create a new key
– Generate a signed APK
– Generate a signed Bundle
– Choice of APK or Bundle
– …


12. How to use push notifications

This option is not available on all projects.


13. How to configure data safety

You should configure your data safety :
The game is including the Admob sdk. So when showing the ads of this sdk may use or collect some data like :
Ip, mac, type of phone, imei, position to show specific ads related to country…

Here is a video that will help you :


14. About us

Gradle is actually : Me and my brother, 🙂
We are convinced that working independently is the best choice.

We chose Envato because of its popularity that has imposed a weight on the web.

I started to program in 97′ with a very modest system using the basic language. my first database for high school in 99′ linked with visual basic 6, it was the best tool of the time.

In 2002, I became interested in Assembler language, C and C++ : mutex, semaphore and multithreading. Then I found more atractive web technologies based on the MVC and facilitating access in local systems or networks, distributed, multi-arch.

By following the news, in 2010, I improve myself by mastering PHP and JEE.

Currently, I create games based on Physics, Sprites, Particles and Animation.

Hmm … my little brother is following the path but focusing on design.

If we have support and sales, we can in the near future do great things, games and plugins that we like to do. Generating a small profit for us.

Feel free to support us with 5 stars.

Thank you